Confessions of a Confused Sports Fan

Richard Weinstein and "Big Daddy Smooth"

I grew up in Fairfield County, CT…part of the NY DMA. As a middle child (cause for therapy #1), I found it necessary to root for the opposite of anything my brothers liked.

They liked the Yankees, so I became a lifelong fan of their natural enemies – the Mets & the Red Sox.

They liked the Giants; well, just paint my face Jet green.

Rangers? In the 70’s, that sent me rooting for Orr, Espo, and Cheevers.

My brothers weren’t big basketball fans – so, that left the Knicks open for the taking.

Miracle on Ice? Try being the only kid in a high school of two thousand rooting for the Soviets (cause for therapy #2).

If I struggle, I can probably invent some positives that came out of all this.  Learning how to take a punch, honing my debate skills by attempting to defend the hapless Mets vs. the dynastic Yankees, being a Red Sox fan who actually enjoyed the 1986 World Series…

But, after living and working in Boston for the past 20+ years, I now find myself in a confusing position – from a business perspective, perfectly comfortable advertising with any team, as long as it makes sense for my clients’ businesses.

Personally, though, I’m fiercely loyal to some of the local teams, while watching Belichick leave the Jets at the altar and deliver a dynasty to the bad guys (cause for therapy #3).

Is it too late to still blame my brothers for all this? As a Bruins-Mets-Sox-Jets-Knicks fan, am I somehow both Boston and New York’s middle child?

As we prepare in Boston for the playoffs for some teams, and the beginning of the season for others, I’ll just say Go B’s & Go Sox and leave it at that (I’m late for a much-needed appointment).

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