People First.

In here, we call ourselves Defiantly Human. Because now more than ever, to be human is essential. And to be fiercely protective of all the things that make us human is mandatory. Because kindness, empathy and open-mindedness inspire connections, grows perspectives and, ultimately, builds better work.

Makers, thinkers, humans

It's what each of us are passionate about out there that makes us who we are in here. Out there, we are adventurers, wanderers, athletes, artists, makers and mavens. And in here, we are 150 people strong with more years of experience than we’d like to think about. Collectively, each doing our part to create better work while being better humans.

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Steve Connelly
President, Copywriter
Alyssa Toro
Senior Partner, Chief Creative Officer
Scott Madden
Senior Partner, Director of Empathy & Evolution
Dana Wantman
Senior Partner, Director of Brand Leadership
Richard Weinstein
Senior Partner, Director of Media Services
Scott Savitt
Senior Partner, Director of Digital
Steven Doherty
Senior Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Gary Leopold
President, CP Travel
Courtney Doyle
Partner, Director of CP Travel
Joel Idelson
Chief Marketing Officer
Sal DeLuca
Chief Financial Officer
Elyse Kelly
Director of People and Culture
Barry Frechette
Director of Creative Services
Jeff Goodsill
Director of Product Strategy & Development
Ian Fitzpatrick
Director of Experience Strategy
Amy Nagy
Director of PR/Social Influence
Timothy Anderson Flink
Director of Analytics & Ad Ops
Chris Smith
Director of Innovation
Josh Ginsberg
Director of Shopper Marketing