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47 Brand

Super Bowl Fan Experience

We partnered with the premium sports apparel company to create an experience for Super Bowl 50 that would deliver on their promise as the ultimate brand for fans. To us, this meant building something that tapped into people’s passion, energy and everlasting team loyalty. This simple insight led us to a technological solution: an interactive fan experience fueled by emotion.

The Fan Booth places fans in the stands during the final play of the Super Bowl. Decibels are tracked and visualized on a digital scoreboard while fans listen to a realistic play-by-play of their favorite team. The play reacts to the rising and falling volume levels, meaning the fan’s enthusiasm — and lungs — are the difference between their team winning and losing.

The ‘47 Fan Booth entertained thousands at the Super Bowl expo and served as a powerful reminder for why we cheer. It also paved the way for us and ‘47 to explore other ways to integrate technology and design to engage fans in new and surprising ways.