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Gaelic Players Association

You See Players. We See People.

Our work to increase awareness of the GPA rose out the roots we have in Boston and Dublin, the importance of the sport and seeing the humanity in everything we do. In our documentary style series we profiled the players dual lives on and off the field. We shot the moments other cameras weren’t focusing on that personified the pride and passion for what the sport means to the Irish and the players. Our campaign launched ahead of Dublin’s 2018 Super 11’s and the Players Championship Cup in Fenway Park, Boston. We built excitement for the events and bridged our connection to these two cities and players.

“I have worked with many agencies in the past but have not come across any like Connelly Partners before. Their ability to listen, internalise and produce content that captures the essence of your core message in a beautiful and simple manner is inspiring. Your purpose, the reason you exist, the thing that makes your organisation great will be brought to life for all to see and understand with Connelly Partners. People will see into your heart and your soul and love it. It is a gift. Thank you CP.”

– Dessie Farrell, Founder and Former CEO of GPA