February 11, 2022 / CPOVs

Super Bowl LVI: What CP’s Gen Z is Looking for on Sunday

Featuring: Kim Mazejka, Assistant Media Planner, Chris Mullaney, Assistant Brand Manager, Megan Canoni, Assistant Media Planner, Max DeLuca, Videographer/Editor, Nora Jerrett, Junior Copywriter, and Steve Gervasio, Junior Data Analyst

The Super Bowl has been a cherished part of American culture for over five decades and is enjoyed across many generations. In preparation, we polled six of our very own CPers to get their predictions ahead of Sunday’s game. With many athletes now coming from Gen Z, it was only appropriate to shine a light on some of our own members of this generation and their views on this major sporting event. Here’s what we learned: 

Brands need to be thinking outside the box.

What do you hope to see in this year’s Super Bowl ads? 

  • Kim: Brands getting really creative and “out there” – I want to be  shocked and surprised.
  • Chris: Ads that don’t over-rely on celebrities or TikTok trends.
  • Megan: Something funny or emotional that tells a story.
  • Max: I just want to see something different this year.
  • Nora: I’m excited to see the long versions of the ads I’ll be seeing for the next year!
  • Steve: Personally I don’t tend to care about the commercials as much as the game. However, I do pay attention to them to maybe get a laugh or two. 
Celebrities are not needed to make memorable spots. Some of the most successful ads get people thinking. Also, humor never hurts. 

What makes a successful Super Bowl ad, in your opinion? 

  • Kim: Anything that makes people talk or gets people thinking. Humor definitely makes people want to share with each other but controversy also does. 
  • Chris: Humor that actually makes sense for the brand. Also, ads that create conversation/buzz 
  • Megan: Humor and meaningful messaging. I think celebrity cameos take away from the message.
  • Max: Humor helps make a spot successful.
  • Nora: Celebrity cameos and off the cuff humor. 
  • Steve: Humor, an important message, and celebrity cameos are definitely three aspects of a commercial that will make the commercial stick in my mind. 
Brands have done well in creating spots that stick with us for years, and it seems like the new ads are more and more difficult to beat. 

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl ad?

  • Kim: 2019’s Mr. Peanut was a wild and absurd move. I would love to see more spots like that. 
  • Chris: I love the Tourism Australia “Dundee” ad from a few years back. 
  • Megan: The Doritos commercials are hard to beat. 
  • Max: There are too many memorable Super Bowl ads to pick a favorite. 
  • Nora: I loved seeing Betty White as Mike for Snickers!
  • Steve: I do not have a favorite Super Bowl commercial. I would say I remember companies more than specific commercials, like Doritos or Budweiser.  
It’s about more than just football.

What does the Super Bowl mean to you?

  • Kim: Being together – whether it’s during the Super Bowl or talking about the game, halftime show, or ads afterwards.
  • Chris: It’s an event that appeals to everyone in some way – people who like football, ad-lovers, foodies, etc.. I’m mainly in it for the appetizers. 
  • Megan: I like the time spent with family and friends. Normally football games are about the game itself, but the Super Bowl is more about the experience.
  • Max: Super Bowl festivities, the game, and the halftime show.
  • Nora: An excuse to drink and eat in sweatpants with a fun halftime show!
  • Steve: It’s about the game. As a spoiled Patriots fan, my memories are all around the victories/losses and experiencing those moments with family and friends. 
And the big question we had to ask.

 Who are you picking?

  • Kim: Neither because they’re not the Pats! I hope it’s a nail-biter though.
  • Chris: Bengals 
  • Megan: Bengals 
  • Max: LA Rams
  • Nora: Bengals
  • Steve: Bengals  

Regardless of the outcome, it is safe to say that this year’s Super Bowl will be a night that has something for everyone. Though we each have our own expectations for Sunday, one thing is for certain – we’ll be watching from the edge of our seats.