December 4, 2018 / Thought Leadership

How launching a wellness brand gave me the perspective to be a better leader.

Alyssa Toro

Senior Partner, Chief Creative Officer

In an industry not always known for giving space to live life inspired outside of the office, I am fortunate enough to work at a company that values ideas, whether they happen at the agency or on your own time. I had my hands full as a mom of two and working full time as Connelly Partner’s CCO, but had an itch to tie my passions for family, conceptual design and nutrition together in a new way. What was born was a brand called Goodee to help parents lay the foundation for healthy eating through the intersection of color, strong design and plant-based foods.

I joke that I earned an equivalent of an MBA through the process. I did everything from creating the physical product to designing the logo and packaging, photographing all of the food, prototyping, and figuring out the legal mumbo-jumbo before it was ultimately sold into 11 Whole Foods stores. And boy, did I learn a lot along the way. I learned the perspective of all the roles needed to launch a brand, how to get the best ideas out of others, and the opportunities to draw outside influences.

I spoke with Muse by Clio about how launching Goodee gave me the perspective to be a better leader. You can read more here: