March 22, 2023 / News

CP’s Daragh Griffin Shortlisted for Cannes Young Lions

How do you broach the subject of encouraging people to leave money to charity in their will? It’s a tricky area, reminding people that they aren’t going to be around forever. This is exactly what Daragh Griffin, Junior Copywriter with our Dublin team, was tasked with and what led to him being shortlisted for the 2023 Cannes Young Lions.  

Instead of focusing on the darker side of this truth, Daragh looked at it through a different lens. Leaving a donation to GOAL, a humanitarian foundation that helps those impacted by natural disasters is a way to ensure that your legacy lives on. Even though a person is no longer physically with us, their impact is still felt. 

The work focused on the importance of subtlety. A signature turning into a helping hand visualizes the impact that the donor is making. The placement of the ad is also important, just like when the donor’s gift will be made, the ad is placed at the end of the newspaper.

Congratulations Daragh on this tremendous accomplishment and best of luck with the next stage of the competition.

Cannes Young Lions is a global competition for creatives under 30 years old that features categories such as Design, Film, Print and more. The winner of this competition will be celebrated at the Cannes Lions Award Show. For more information, check out the official Cannes Lions website.