170 makers, thinkers and doers

Our people don't just come and go.

When you love what you do, why would you leave? Tenure, to us, is a badge of honor. Because it shows how deeply committed our employees are to our mantra. We are 170 Defiantly Human people existing in defense of humans, with an understanding of and a commitment to what makes us, us.

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In an ever-changing world, consistency is key.

Our senior management team has been invested in Connelly Partners for years ensuring steady leadership and a commitment to the company’s philosophy.

Steve Connelly


President and Copywriter

Gym rat. (Coaching, not working out.)

“Sometimes wrong but never in doubt, Steve believes a bad decision is better than no decision.” – Steve C. on Steve C.

Since founding CP in 1999, Steve has built a company based on empathy and creativity and a working environment awarded “Best Agency Culture” by Ad Age.

Alyssa Toro


Senior Partner | Chief Creative Officer

Where clean design meets clean eating.

“A gifted, creative problem solver and imagineer. A dear friend who inspires all to be great and equally kind.” – Scott M. on Alyssa T.

Since calling CP home 19 years ago, 28-year ad veteran Alyssa has helped grow CP from four to 170, established a wellness practice and assembled a robust creative team.

Scott Madden


Senior Partner | Director of Strategy

Speaks empathy, English, pathetically weak French.

“Some call him Professor Madden. I call him my longtime friend. A deliberate creator of human insights, he lays the foundation for all we do in creative.” – Alyssa T. on Scott M.

Since joining 17 years ago, Scott’s pioneered CP’s empathy engineering while teaching at Boston College.

Scott Savitt


Senior Partner | Director of Digital

Your trivia team could use him.

“Enthusiasm and caring are what make Scott such an important part of CP’s DNA.” Courtney D. on Scott S.

Since joining in 2011, Scott’s led the delivery of high-impact digital solutions while expanding capabilities in UX, SEO, analytics and creative tech. He’s geeked to work in our golden age of technology.

Dana Wantman


Senior Partner | Director of Brand Leadership

Resident expert: Account management and lunges.

“Whether cross-training, working with clients or at home with his family, Dana is never far from those things that matter to him.” Sal D. on Dana W.

With 20+ years in the business, 17 at CP, Dana has worked with national and regional clients in all categories while overseeing our brand department.

Courtney Doyle


Partner | Director of Growth

All about style and airline miles.

“When I grow up, I want to be like Courtney Doyle. She’s smart, a true leader. But I admire her honesty the most. She calls ’em as she sees ’em.” – Scott S. on Courtney D.

A 20+ year industry vet, Courtney’s led award-winning, brand renovation work for Cadillac, VW, CVS, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and American Express Travel.

Steve Doherty


Senior Partner | Chief Operating Officer

A sports buff through and through.

“Kids sometimes need tough talk, rules, honesty and boundaries. Steve sees CP as his kid. We’ve grown up well because he’s been a good parent.” – Steve C. on Steve D.

One of CP’s original partners, Steve’s been managing operations to keep things running smoothly at CP for 16 of his 32 years in the industry.

Richard Weinstein


Senior Partner | Director of Media

Likes spreadsheets long, jams even longer.

“Richard is the true embodiment of our Defiantly Human values. He lives our culture and, most importantly, leads by example.” – Scott S. on Richard W.

Ten+ years ago, Richard joined CP to forge a media group that’s been growing ever since. He works in lockstep with all departments to develop a range of smart plans.

Sal DeLuca


Chief Financial Officer

Favorite place in the world: Rome

“Sal’s spirit and laugh can turn a day around. He’s always there when I need advice or help with a problem.” – Courtney D. on Sal D.

An entrepreneur at heart, Sal has 30+ years of experience to keep us financially on track. Out of the office, Sal’s golfing or watching his BC Eagles dominate on the gridiron.

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It's what each of us are passionate about out there that makes us who we are in here.

With a good group of humans, anything is possible—especially good work. The way we see it, good people create good culture. And good culture attracts more great people. And with all this greatness floating around, it’s only natural that exceptional work would follow. Out there, we are adventurers, wanderers, athletes, artists, makers and mavens. And in here, we are 170 people strong each doing our part to create better work while being better humans.