Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts have the islands of Hawaii covered. The only problem was, not too many people realized that. With our Hawaii Collection campaign, we raised awareness about the four incredible Resorts on Lana’i, Oahu, Maui and The Big Island.

With traditional and non-traditional executions including a digital tool, we allowed people to find their favorite aspects from each Resort and create an itinerary that was nothing short of remarkable.

Four Seasons website on computer screen
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 "statistic": {
  "stat_title": "average time spent on site:",
  "stat_number_unit": "3 min"
 "fact": {
  "fact_title": "response rate: ",
  "fact_content": [
    "fact_text": "Outbound marketing was 42% higher when driving reader to \"Make My Hawaii\" vs. other landing pages.",
    "fact_link": {
     "title": "",
     "url": "",
     "target": "_blank"
    "fact_link_supporting_text": "Make My Hawaii"
Four Seasons "Make My Hawaii" website on computer screen
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Four seasons social posts in a phone
Four seasons social posts in a phone