December 28, 2023 / CPOVs

CP Abroad With Jamie Shin

Jamie Shin, Senior Analyst

woman in a garden with a cameraConnelly Partners’ CP Abroad program was launched shortly after I was hired. While Dublin wasn’t exactly a city I had on my radar, I thought, “Cool, study abroad for adults.” And because my husband didn’t get a chance to study abroad in college, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to travel Europe together for an extended period of time. 

So, just a month into my new job, I applied, not knowing what the next year would have in store (it’s a requirement to have been with the agency for at least a year to participate). Before I knew it, a year and a half passed, and after many, many months of agonizing over our travel plans, we landed in Dublin.

collage of photos of buildings As someone who tends to be a meticulous planner (I’m a ‘J‘), I had planned nearly every detail of our travel itinerary by the hour. Dublin, however, was one of the exceptions. Truthfully, I wanted time to rest between my weekend excursions, but there was also the advantage of experiencing Dublin “like a local.” So, I skipped the Guinness Storehouse and Temple Bar and instead, opted for what I’d typically do during my free time in Boston—I grabbed my camera and walked. 

Film photography is a new hobby I picked up because I was looking for a creative outlet. Camera in hand, and against my ‘J’ nature, I would often walk around the city aimlessly. In this process, I have learned to appreciate uncertainty and approach the world with a sense of heightened curiosity and creativity. 

collage of images of boats, buildings and waterDuring my time in Dublin, I tried to embrace this approach. Through my walks and encounters, I discovered Ireland’s resilient history, the city of Dublin’s rapid growth and its strengths and challenges, as well as its surprising similarities to Boston. But it was the people, with their passion, humor, and penchant for banter and quality nights at the pub, that I have come to appreciate the most.

Coming away from CP Abroad, I feel incredibly grateful for this experience. It became much more than an excuse to travel. It was an opportunity for me to discover my strengths, meet new people, work on my weaknesses, and appreciate unplanned discoveries. What’s more, I’ve also learned that perhaps organization and creativity are the twin engines of my success, whether in life or at work. photo collage of a car, a patio, and buildings

Lucky for me, data and analytics within a creative agency offers the perfect arena to exercise both, as campaign reporting is about much more than just reciting numbers. I believe we are at our best when we employ creative approaches to uncovering insights, are innovative in our problem-solving, and approach storytelling through data as an art. 

While I will probably never be able to fully relinquish my need for control (bless my husband), I am excited to enter the new year with refreshed creative energy, a greater appreciation for the Boston office, and new perspectives to inspire the work ahead.

Special thanks to my boss and the CP leadership team for making this possible, and truly everyone in the Dublin office for a grand time. It was class.collage of a table, trees, and a library