why so curious?

why so curious

Curiosity is at our core.

All kinds of people call CP their work home. But no matter our department, our title, our golf handicap or our go-to karaoke song, there’s one thing that unites us.

Feverishly unquenchable curiosity. “Why” isn’t just our favorite word it’s our daily rallying cry. So If you count relentless curiosity as your greatest asset (or heck, even your biggest pitfall) we’d love to talk.

Benefits built for you.

  • Wellness
    Medical Benefits

    Every year, we audit our benefits offered to ensure options reflect employee needs, including coverage for healthcare, dental, short & long-term disability, and life insurance.

    Parental Leave

    Becoming a parent is one of the most life changing events you can experience. To support you in this next chapter of your life, we provide parental leave policies for the birth mother and the primary caregiver for adoption fully paid for 12 weeks and for other primary caregivers (non-birthing), we provide fully paid up to 4 weeks.

    Tea bar

    Regularly drinking tea can have a lasting impact on your wellness (it’s also a fave of Steve Connelly). Our tea bar is fully stocked – Jasmine, Green Tea, Chamomile…whatever you like, odds are you’ll find it here.

  • Flexibility
    Hybrid Schedule

    We’ve always been and always will be an agency that’s built on personal connection; we believe in the power of organic exchange. Our hybrid structure (in office three days per week) prioritizes face-to-face interaction and allows each employee to share more of what makes them special, all while providing flexibility.

    Flexible Work Hours

    We’re not the type of agency that patrols the hallways and counts heads at desks. We trust our employees to get their work done and tend to life’s various needs. If you have an appointment, need to get your kid to practice, or take care of a loved one, then do it…we value our employees beyond their work.

  • Time Off
    Paid Time Off

    We encourage our employees to take the time they need to recharge…because we know our collective health, the agency, and our work will be better for it.

  • Recognition

    Today more than ever, this industry shows us that turnover is just part of the norm. For those that take the other path, we show our love – with a loyalty program that recognizes our employees at each anniversary.

    Company Awards

    We like to recognize the people that are kicking ass. Each year, employees are acknowledged for their above-and-beyond contributions by living our mission and values day in and day out.

  • Financial

    We believe in investing in our employees – for the long term. Though our company’s match is discretionary, we are proud of the fact that we’ve generously matched employee contributions every year since program inception in 2001.

    Student Loan Paydown Plan

    In 2016, we became the first advertising agency to implement a program to help pay down student loan debt faster with monthly employer contributions paid directly to the student loan balance.

    MBTA + Parking

    Commuting can suck – we get it. We help lessen the pain by providing a pre-tax approach for public transportation and/or parking.

    New Biz + Employee Referral Incentive Bonuses

    Our employees are our greatest advocates, and we want to reward them for helping grow our business. So, for any qualified leads that turn into employees or clients, we offer bonuses.

  • Continuing Education & Development
    CP Abroad Program

    To support our culture of curiosity, employees have the opportunity to live and work out of any of our three global offices – Boston, Dublin, and Vancouver for up to 3 months. The program allows employees to immerse themselves in a different culture, experience new places and people, and bring those new perspectives back to CP and our clients.

    Professional Development Program (or CP University)

    We want to create an environment where our employees are always learning. Our ‘Curiosity Series’ is an internal platform where all departments are encouraged to share case studies, new work, department expertise, and more.

    Industry Training + Opportunities

    A big part of this industry is networking – being plugged in creates more opportunities. We encourage employees to attend conferences, speak on panels at conferences, and volunteer their time on key industry boards.

  • Fun
    Friendly Competition

    We’re a competitive bunch so we like to test our skills with tournaments for ping pong, darts, and even karaoke.

    Golf Hub

    With a golf cage and putting green right in the office, golf is clearly a huge part of our agency. We also have a Masters celebration and an occasional team golf outing.

    Roof Deck

    Enjoy one of the best views of Boston on our roof deck – have a meeting, grab some lunch, practice yoga or even chill with friends with a glass of wine.

    Softball Team

    During the dog days of summer, our softball team heads to the Fens to test its grit against other agencies in competitive, but fun games of softball. And Tasty Burger is usually on the docket post-game.

current openings

  • Boston
  • Dublin
  • Vancouver
  • Internships
  • Senior Media & Marketing Performance Analyst
    • Analytics
    • Full-Time

    As the Senior Media & Marketing Performance Analyst, you will lead analytic strategy, measurement planning, dashboard development, performance reporting, actionable analysis, and optimization recommendations on behalf of clients.

    Click here for more info
  • Art Director
    • Creative
    • Full-Time

    As an Art Director, you create and manage the overall design and visual style for our clients. You are involved in the concepting of larger campaigns as well as owning your own projects from start to finish. You’re always looking for interesting visual solutions to powerful ideas. You never sit still and don’t wait to be told what to create. Always acting as the guardian of quality.

    If you have some magic in your work, ideas that are simple yet genius, we would love to talk.

    Click here for more info

Check back soon for more opportunities!

Check back soon for more opportunities!

Check back soon for more opportunities!

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Check back soon for more opportunities!

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