We exist to embrace the WHY.

Spoiler alert: we think culture is about more than ping pong and happy hours (though we have plenty of both). In our house, human behaviors aren’t hackable data. They’re things to learn from, listen to and act on behalf of. That mindset leads to better work out in the world, yes, but it starts with fostering happy, growing, engaged people right here. 

our values

Values aren't buzzwords or bullet points. They're human traits we look for in our people, our clients and, as a result, our work. They're also non-negotiable and they guide the way we create meaningful connections with each other, our clients, and brands.

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is at the heart of living our purpose; embracing the why requires a strong desire to know or learn something. Put simply – it’s to be a wonderer – to ask questions, to listen deeply and to never be as satisfied by the answer as we are by the question itself.


goes beyond just putting yourself in another person’s shoes; it’s about walking in them, seeking to understand why another person – consumers, clients, colleagues – may feel or think the way they do.


as we define it at CP, is a team sport. We can’t strive to be the industry’s strongest advocate of the human voice alone or in silos. Getting to our vision takes a motivated, determined village full of kick-ass talent.


is a critical element in the pursuit of our day-to-day mission; we have to have the integrity to do what is good and right for ourselves and for others, always, even when nobody else is watching.

Our commitment to culture.

It's something you are, not something you have. At Connelly Partners, you'll find evidence of our culture just about everywhere you look. Here are some highlights.

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

    DEI is a journey and we are on it. We have taken steps to better enlighten ourselves, while recognizing that DEI is something that can never be solved. But make no mistake, it is something we will never stop trying to solve for.

    Our agency leadership is undergoing a critical enlightenment training program that will be expanded to our entire US agency. We are also working with external partners to address DEI issues through facilitations, promoting change and growth for ourselves, clients, and partners.

    We are dedicated to DEI and strive to make our work a true reflection of the diverse world we live in. Our ongoing commitment involves representing our clients and ourselves in a manner that aligns with the diverse audiences we serve.

  • CP Abroad

    We are committed to inspiring and challenging our team members. Employees across all levels have the opportunity to live and work out of any of our three global offices – Boston, Dublin, and Vancouver. Immersing themselves in a different culture as well as experiencing new places and people is proven to enhance creativity, reduce intergroup bias, and promote career success.

  • Training & Development

    Our training and development program sets employees up for success in their roles while committing to their long-term growth and evolution. Here, employees are both learners and teachers. We stay curious with internal and external trainings, attendance at seminars, industry conferences, and more.

  • Thought Leadership

    We are committed to developing and elevating the voices of our people across all levels. A core aspect of what makes us different from our competition is the effort and programs we put forth to showcase the unique perspectives and expertise of our employees and then share that throughout our global network as well as across the industry.

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Dana Wantman has the unique perspective of being both a founding member of the CP Abroad Program and a participant in it. He now shares what he learned during his time in Dublin.

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