Defiantly Human

wonderfully human and defiantly so.

When copywriter Steve Connelly established Connelly Partners in 1999, he set out to do one thing: to show the world that good people can do exceptional work. We celebrate the unique abilities of humans and those things only humans can do and can feel.

Our purpose is to be Defiantly Human, to defend humans and explore the emotional reasons we all have for buying what we buy, liking who we like, loving who we love, living where we live. We are 170 Defiantly Human people that believe in the power of data, but also the reality of emotion.

Defiantly Human
Boston skyline


Because Boston is a city of builders. We don’t run races, we build traditions. We don’t dig tunnels, we build infrastructure. We don’t play sports, we build championships. We don’t go to medical schools, we build breakthroughs in health. We don’t teach, we build monuments to learning. We are a city of builders with less of a spotlight on us and that’s just how we like it. Because it gives us the chip on our shoulder we need as an agency to work harder, smarter and better for you.

Yellow morning sunlight on a Dublin street


Today, Dublin is the tech capital of Europe. Tomorrow, Dublin will be the largest English-speaking city in the EU. We’re creating a development hub in the heart of this new tech capital to more affordably serve our clients and enhance a creative community that excels in experiential design and digital. While the legacy cities of Europe relish in past successes, we’re constantly tweaking, reinventing and reimagining. We’re free to innovate, experiment, grow and create without scrutiny

we do.


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