"Only Human" is a compliment not a compromise.

Industry expertise.


The left brain is logical. The right brain is emotional. We look through the eyes of your customers to see their world and your brand from both sides, and find opportunity at the intersection.



Everyone notices a streaker, but no one wants to shake their hand. Our mission is to develop ideas in all media channels for our brands that people will not just notice, but connect with. We believe in empathy over entertainment.



What happened? so what? and what’s next? are the questions we are obsessed with answering. And while we don’t have a crystal ball, our ability to connect data to actionable insights has a pretty good track record for generating measurable results.



We listen because clients have great ideas too. We lead because you need the advantage of seeing into the future. We learn what makes your brand unique, and turn unique into advantage.



We have the connections you would expect from a seasoned Public Relations partner. We have the perspective you might not. Our mission is to not just create news and make noise, but create connections and build emotional relevance.



There’s the important part of media and then there’s the really important part; doing it for less, getting added value, making every dollar work like two. We deliver media performance with Defiantly Human purpose.



We are a team of social media gurus, fully equipped with the skills and the savvy to create social strategies across all major platforms. We believe that social media is a brand’s direct line to humanize itself.



Our team looks at influencers as invaluable brand ambassadors, content creators, and insight generators, and we take a multi-pronged approach when activating creators on behalf of our clients. To learn more about full capabilities.

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For retail and CPG brands, it is critical to have a presence at every point in the customer journey. We create custom plans by understanding the needs of the shopper, brand and retailer.



This is where we could use a whole bunch of impressive technical terms and multisyllabic words to impress you. You know what will really impress you? Our ability to make technology simple, powerful and easy.




Right brains. Left brains. Our brains.

Steve Connelly

President & Copywriter

A believer that experience and perspective allow us all to develop more impactful solutions. Steve leads by example - whether it's knocking out 20 headlines for a client project or forging a pathway into a new region of the globe.


Alyssa Toro

Senior Partner, Chief Creative Officer

With her heart and mind filled with empathy, Alyssa inspires a talented and passionate team committed to developing creative solutions that deeply resonate with the target audience.


Dave Kimball

Chief Growth Officer

Driven by the belief that there is a solution for every challenge, Dave is always ready to leverage his experience in creating integrated solutions to help achieve success (whether it's for our agency or a prospect’s business challenge).


Scott Madden

Senior Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Determined to discover the real motivators that drive us all, Scott blends Anthropology and traditional research to unearth the WHY behind people’s actions. He leads our strategy and research group responsible for providing the insights that inspire our holistic solutions for our clients


Michelle Capasso

Partner, Director of Media Services

Unyielding in her charge to understand how people consume content and how to reach them in the most efficient way. Michelle leads a team equally committed to finding new and innovative ways to connect brands with their target audiences.


Dana Wantman

Senior Partner, Chief Client & Integration Officer

Relentless in his pursuit of success. Dana leads a proactive team that delivers strategic thinking and execution with one true goal in mind - to drive results for his clients.


Scott Savitt

Senior Partner, Director of Digital

Personifying a unique blend of innovation, disruption, and a splash of nerd, Scott leads the delivery of high impact digital solutions for our clients including UX Design, Creative Technology, SEO and E-mail marketing.


Sal DeLuca

Partner, Chief Financial Officer

An entrepreneur at heart, Sal has 30+ years experience that we all count on to keep us on track with all the financial and accounting aspects of our business.


Michele Hart-Henry

Managing Director, CP Health

Michele's mission for CP Health is to connect people to what they need to ensure that their health is an asset, not a limitation, on their quest to live happy, fulfilled lives.


Gene Begin

Managing Director, CP Education

Gene's passion for emotive, integrated marketing experiences leads CP Education to purpose-driven solutions for educational organizations.


Mary McMahon

Group Strategy Director

A seasoned brand strategist with 13 years experience, Mary leads the strategy department and brings the Defiantly Human philosophy and approach to our work.


JoAnne Borselli

Group Brand Director

As our resident travel & tourism expert, JoAnne understands how to create programs that drive bookings, visits or any other challenge you’re trying to solve for. She has been a trusted partner to brands such as Four Seasons, American Express Travel, Samsonite and numerous resorts, mountains and tourism boards - just to name a few.


Hillary Williams

Group Brand Director

As a CPG expert, Hillary has strategized, created, and implemented fully integrated campaigns and programs for an array of household name brands. Her key strengths are building relationships, understanding her clients’ business and leading them through their toughest challenges.


Sarah Taylor

Group Brand Director

As a leader and partner for her clients, Sarah immerses herself into her clients’ business to help solve their challenges and affect positive change in their verticals. Sarah is experienced in Health care, Financial Services, CPG, and also helps lead our EDU practice.


Claire Eisenberg

Director of Corporate Communications

With deep PR experience elevating executive and brand visibility, Claire oversees our communications strategies and PR for the agency, in addition to supporting clients. She honed her experience by developing strategies for brands including Gorton’s Seafood, McDonald’s, Pernod Ricard USA, HBO, Ogilvy & Mather and more.


Brian Kastelein

Director of Data & Analytics

Where most people see numbers and percentages, Brian sees opportunity for his clients. His integrated approach lets his team engage right from the start - ensuring a cohesive plan that can tie back to the business objectives


Alyssa Stevens

Director of Public Relations & Social Media

A master of the art of conversation - how to initiate, grow, and gently steer their direction. As a seasoned public relations, influencer marketing, and social media professional, Alyssa conceptualizes and executes strategic integrated campaigns for a diverse array of clients.


Nick Bontaites

Executive Creative Director

A copywriter by trade, a listener at heart. Nick has a rare ability to absorb direction, feedback and sentiment - and then transform it all into work that elevates the brand in ways clients never imagined possible.


Kelley Bolte

Senior Manager of Talent and Culture

With years of brand leadership experience, Kelley prepared herself to take on her most challenging clients yet...our people. Her holistic approach to talent management helps us institutionalize CP’s cultural values across our global team - keeping them engaged, constantly curious, and ready to take on the business challenges of our clients.


Barry Frechette

Director of MKR

NOT POSSIBLE just isn’t in his vocabulary. Barry heads up all things related to making creative work come to life – from national TV campaigns to full-blown interactive experiences.


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