we are defiantly human.

Welcome to Connelly Partners Health. A Defiantly Human approach to healthcare marketing. When you fight to protect the voice of the patient you build a relationship with them that is grounded in humanity. We uncover simple human truths that help you define who you are and what you believe as a brand, then align those values with your audience's needs.

our approach

we treat humans like humans.

Truly improving healthcare requires a deeper understanding of your audiences and how they make decisions along their journey. Too often the focus is on the disease and not enough on the patient, so we place our focus on the role of emotion and the things that truly make us human. Let us show you how connecting these insights can help your brand stand out.

What people THINK about your brand or category. What people FEEL about your brand or category. What people FEEL about their lives. What people THINK about their lives.

our work


Independence is calling

  • While many people have EpiPens, they do not think to refill them annually
  • Sought to engage patients through a non-branded, integrated campaign to elevate awareness and drive prescription refills followed by a branded campaign featuring real-life mom stories
  • Success metrics included website visits, conversion and engagement

Launching a new market & new channels

  • Afaxys was launching a new emergency contraceptive brand, ella, in the U.S.
  • EC usage was increasing amongst 18 – 34 women and the bulk of market share belonged to Plan B
  • The challenge was to introduce a new brand at a higher price point but with greater efficacy while creating a digital strategy that drove to online Rx sites Afaxys had partnered with
  • We conducted mini friendship groups (2 – 3 women each) across 4 U.S. college markets

No one said living healthy was easy.

  • Challenger brand in its category
  • Sought a compelling narrative that would boost brand affinity
  • Success metrics included consumer engagement & dr visits
  • Integrated multichannel marketing plan

Conducted keyword PPC campaign and qualitative research study

  • We identified 3 micro universes, each defined by a descriptive lifestyle and associated behaviors, and developed comprehensive target personas for each
  • These personas identified targetable behaviors (physical as well as online content consumption and search tendencies) and attitudes that enabled our media planners to target and qualify far more efficiently
  • Our UX strategists and content developers designed a more conversion-friendly ecommerce platform and online customer experience that fueled business growth

The Reinvention of Right.

Best Doctors is a robust benefit to large corporations that allows employees to have access to a vast group of medical professionals. By engaging in their service, patients are able to show their case to specialists who will take the time and mental energy to provide a recommendation for treatment. This ensures that the diagnosis is right and allows for proper treatment.

our capabilities

Our fully integrated healthcare marketing capability means that we can holistically develop and measure strategy and creativity through implementation, allowing us to optimize campaigns with efficiency and effectiveness. With offices in Boston, Dublin and Vancouver we provide global perspective and integration while delivering local expertise based on clients’ needs.


  • Brand + Biz Strategy
  • Digital + Content Strategy
  • Research + Friendship Groups
  • Anthropological Studies
  • Cultural + Societal Trends
  • Social Listening


  • Brand + Unbranded Campaigns
  • Brand Identity
  • Integrated Advertising
  • Collateral + Packaging
  • Full Service Video Production


  • UX + UI Design
  • Development
  • Mobile
  • eComm


  • Digital + Traditional + Experiential
  • Buying + Planning
  • SEM + SEO
  • In-house Programmatic
  • Performance Media
  • Brand + Awareness Media

social media

  • Social Channel Strategy
  • Community Acquisition + Management
  • Content Planning + Development
  • Social Media Analytics + Insights


  • Measurement + Data Strategy
  • Campaign Reporting + Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • A/B + Multivariate Test Design

our team

Dave Kimball

Chief Growth Officer

Driven by the belief that there is a solution for every challenge, Dave is always ready to leverage his experience in creating integrated solutions to help achieve success (whether it's for our agency or a prospect’s business challenge).


Alyssa Toro

Senior Partner / Chief Creative Officer

With her heart and mind filled with empathy, Alyssa inspires a talented and passionate team committed to developing creative solutions that deeply resonate with the target audience.


Scott Madden

Senior Partner / Director of Strategy

Determined to discover the real motivators that drive us all, Scott blends Anthropology and traditional research to unearth the WHY behind people’s actions. He leads our strategy and research group responsible for providing the insights that inspire our holistic solutions for our clients.


Michelle Capasso

Partner / Director of Media Services

Unyielding in her charge to understand how people consume content and how to reach them in the most efficient way. Michelle leads a team equally committed to finding new and innovative ways to connect brands with their target audiences.


Mary McMahon

Group Strategy Director

A seasoned brand strategist with 13 years experience, Mary leads the strategy department and brings the Defiantly Human philosophy and approach to our work.


Brian Kastelein

Director of Data & Analytics

Where most people see numbers and percentages, Brian sees opportunity for his clients. His integrated approach lets his team engage right from the start - ensuring a cohesive plan that can tie back to the business objectives.


Scott Savitt

Senior Partner / Director of Digital

Personifying a unique blend of innovation, disruption, and a splash of nerd, Scott leads the delivery of high impact digital solutions for our clients including UX Design, Creative Technology, SEO and E-mail marketing.


Nick Bontaites

Executive Creative Director

A copywriter by trade, a listener at heart. Nick has a rare ability to absorb direction, feedback and sentiment - and then transform it all into work that elevates the brand in ways clients never imagined possible.


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