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Created with Lunacy

Golfers are human too.

All too often golfers are seen as numbers, be it the scores they shoot or the demographic they are part of. But this is a game of emotion. At CP, our passion is to see the person and respect the emotion inside every golfer. Understanding how golfers face and embrace pressure, how to bring calm and confidence, how to steady the mind so the body can perform. We are golfers. But we are also anthropologists, experts at connecting you with the human inside every golfer. And making them customers.

Our experience

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Our Work

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Titleist is the #1 golf ball brand in the world, yet still feels in its soul a perpetual dissatisfaction, always looking for better, never satisfied. The Being #1 platform we introduced in 2022 speaks to both the reward and pressure of being number one in the world, on a weekend, in your foursome. And reminds everyone that the fire required to Be Number One is dwarfed by the fire required to stay there.

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Yes, amplifying Titleist’s soul is our passion, but selling Titleist products is our responsibility. From balls to gear, from shoes to gloves, from new product introductions to existing product innovations, we know what buttons to push to move golfers and sales. And we have the results to prove it.

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Growing The Game

Growing The Game

As the category leader, Titleist has a responsibility to grow the game, to use the game to support a range of purposes, to always be inviting new golfers into the game. We have supported multiple efforts for multiple causes that are designed to grow the game and use golf to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Course Photography

Course Photography

We know how to sell golf balls, but we also know how to shoot golf courses.  We’ve shot over 185 courses, all over the world. Capturing the hazards, the lines, and the landscape of a golf course takes a partner that knows the game, and what gets golfers excited to play a course.



Our capabilities

Our comprehensive golf marketing expertise enables us to seamlessly craft and assess strategies, integrating creativity from conception to execution. This holistic approach allows us to enhance campaign performance with both efficiency and effectiveness in mind. With a global presence in Boston, Dublin, and Vancouver, we offer a broad perspective and seamless integration, tailoring our services to meet local needs. Experience the power of fully integrated golf marketing with our agency.

  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Positioning + Messaging
    • Research + Friendship Groups
    • Anthropological Studies
    • Cultural + Societal Trends


    We deeply immerse ourselves in your industry and engage with your audience to comprehend the present landscape and uncover future opportunities. By delving into the thoughts and emotions surrounding your brand and the lives of your audience, we pinpoint a Defiantly Human Truth. This truth serves as the foundation for a distinctive positioning, allowing you to deliver exceptional value to your target audience through education marketing initiatives. 

  • Creative
    • Brand + Marketing Campaigns
    • Brand + Visual Identity
    • Collateral + Creative
    • Integrated Advertising
    • Video Production


    As passionate ideators and content creators, we specialize in the realm of golf marketing. Our expertise lies in leading discussions around innovative ideas, and fostering collaboration as we meticulously craft content that sets our clients apart from their competition. Every aspect of our work is rooted in empathy, emphasizing the demonstration of shared values between client and brand.

  • Digital
    • UX + UI Design
    • Web Development
    • Mobile
    • Digital + Content Strategy


    Embracing a digitally fluent and user-centric approach, we specialize in the dynamic field of golf marketing, bringing your brand to life online. Our methodology combines innovation with simplicity, steering clear of unnecessary complexities. We seamlessly operate within the unique needs and requirements of our clients while also guiding them toward advanced digital solutions.

  • Media
    • Buying + Planning
    • Digital + Traditional + Experiential
    • Performance Media
    • Programmatic
    • SEM + SEO


    As specialists in golf marketing, we serve as the vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring that empathy-driven content is delivered with precision. Our focus is on effective and efficient delivery to the right people, at the right time, and in the right place. We take on the responsibility of discovering innovative approaches to activate your brand, and seamlessly integrating it into the lives of your target audience.

  • Social Media
    • Social Channel Strategy
    • Social Listening
    • Social Media Analytics + Insights
    • Content Planning + Development
    • Community Acquisition + Management


    We recognize the potency of social media as a direct conduit to your audience, providing a platform to humanize brands. A well-crafted and strategic social strategy, vital in golf marketing, can leave a lasting impact throughout the entire life cycle of your user base. Our dedicated social media strategists, through intentional social listening and active community engagement, aim to cultivate superior experiences with your brand.

  • Influencer Marketing
    • Influencer Relations
    • Campaign Planning + Management
    • Influencer Insights Panels


    Our approach to activating influencers on behalf of our clients is multi-faceted. We view influencers as more than just partners – they are invaluable brand ambassadors, content creators, and insight generators. In the dynamic landscape of golf marketing, we measure the success of our collaborations by establishing organizational objectives ahead of a campaign. Our focus is on identifying how our influencers effectively contribute to and perform against those predefined metrics.

  • Public Relations
    • PR Strategy Development
    • Media Relations
    • Media Training


    Comprising a team of adept connectors, we foster robust relationships with editors and producers across leading print, digital, and broadcast outlets. In navigating the golf marketing landscape, we skillfully leverage our insights to achieve impactful earned media coverage. Success, for us, is defined by the diverse and meaningful press mentions we consistently secure for our clients, playing a pivotal role in amplifying and extending their brand awareness.

  • Analytics
    • Data Strategy + Measurement
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Campaign Reporting + Analysis
    • Analytics Audit + Conversion
    • A/B + Multivariate Test Design


    We excel in harnessing the power of data to gauge marketing results, scrutinize trends and relationships, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing marketing and business performance over time. In the context of golf marketing, we firmly believe that data alone is not a competitive differentiator. Instead, a company’s ability to make its data actionable is what truly determines its competitive advantage.

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