December 18, 2023 / CPOVs

Intern Insights: Fall Semester at CP

The Fall semester has come to a close and it’s time to say goodbye to another class of incredible interns. Before they finished up, we asked them to look back at their accomplishments, learnings, and memorable moments from their time at CP. From forging new connections and collaborating with colleagues to learning about the industry and gaining new skills, here are the reflections of CP’s Fall 2023 interns.

Iseabail Kelley, Data & Analytics Intern
Syracuse University

My biggest weakness has always been my shyness. My confidence in the classroom never seemed to translate to a work setting – until I started at CP. During the second week of my internship, I remember texting my mom, “I feel so comfortable here.” I set up one-on-one meetings with various CPers to learn about their experiences and roles at the agency. In previous internships, the mere thought of setting up a one-on-one with anyone was incredibly daunting, but this was something that I took full advantage of at CP. Post-grad is a strange period of limbo, but the kindness of everyone at CP, and being immersed in the day-to-day environment, have pushed me to learn and grow as a pupil, a professional and a person. 

For incoming interns, I’d share this advice: embrace this as a learning experience! I always strive for perfection, which is unrealistic. Being hard on yourself is not productive, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and make mistakes. Learning from mistakes is sometimes more valuable than doing something correctly on the first try, so give yourself grace and try not to overthink things.

Andrew Le, Brand Leadership Intern
Syracuse University

This semester, the greatest hurdle I faced was stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I had at CP to challenge myself. Recognizing and actively seeking chances to step forward and push boundaries has become crucial for me. Additionally, everyone I met during my internship was supportive and eager to learn more about me.

During this internship, I had the privilege of collaborating with various departments, which allowed me to learn from other teams while still being an integral part of my own. But if there is one specific thing that has sparked my curiosity, I would say it’s the new business process. I got to be a part of a pitch in a very small way and was able to witness how every single person involved was so invested in it. It was such a motivating feeling.

Arianne Duenas, Creative Intern
Boston University

At CP, I gained new skills in idea generation and content writing, largely thanks to the feedback provided by other copywriters. These fresh perspectives challenged me to think both creatively and adaptively. One-on-one sessions with various departments were also invaluable because they provided me with a comprehensive view of the agency’s operations. Outside of the creative department, I found myself particularly interested in PR, social media, and influencer marketing.

If I could go back to the start of my internship I would tell myself to not be afraid to ask questions. After all, CP’s DNA is to always be curious and get to the bottom of the “why” of things. 

Maya Menon Freeman, Strategy Intern
Emerson College

One of the most memorable achievements from this past semester occurred when I gathered some research for upcoming brand work. I presented my findings to my boss and then the brand team. They were all incredibly supportive and complimentary and helped me hone my presentation skills. I was trusted to present my findings to the client and I ran them through my now well-rehearsed spiel. It wasn’t until we left the meeting that I found out I had just presented to the CMO of one of our clients. It was such a proud moment! 

I think that it’s so important to be present! There’s so much to juggle between school and internships, but these are crucial learning experiences. I always reminded myself that this was my chance to make the most of my time here. It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of “what’s next,” which is why it’s important to remember to soak it in and connect with the people around you.  That’s what is invaluable.

Nick Maumus, Media Intern
Bentley University 

Throughout my experience as an intern, every place I looked or anyone I turned to was readily available to answer questions, help re-explain a process, or provide advice. You just need the willingness to ask the questions! Like many things in this internship, you get what you put in, and I made it a goal of mine to ask as many questions as possible and never stop learning. To that end, I have expanded my understanding of media planning and buying, other agencies, and the industry in general. The CP culture is unique, rewarding, and invaluable, similarly, the people are non-stop learners and teachers.

I have grown tremendously in my time at CP. The most apparent growth has been in my ability to learn new skills and understand the interconnectedness of how the advertising industry operates. I was able to learn with a more hands-on approach and have honed my problem-solving skills. I’ve mastered the ability to seek answers out proactively as opposed to waiting for an answer to an email. I will carry these skills with me for the rest of my life, and cannot wait to continue growing as I face new projects and learn new processes. 

Anjali Duenwald, Finance/Accounting Intern
Northeastern University

My favorite part of working at CP is how kind and open everyone is. Even though I didn’t work directly with everyone across the company, there were always smiling faces to welcome me to the office each day and people willing to share their experiences. Branching out and chatting with individual people gave me a strong understanding of the agency and how CP works with their clients.

Before this internship, I had only taken two accounting classes and had never worked in an accounting position. As such, I was nervous and wasn’t sure if my knowledge was on par with what I would be doing in the role. Jumping right in and working with my team to get started on tasks that showed me various aspects of the finance department allowed me to start learning immediately.