May 18, 2023 / CPOVs

CPers Worldwide Unite for Darkness Into Light Challenge

As a way to honour Mental Health Awareness Month, CPers from across the globe woke up before dawn on Saturday 6 May to take part in something really special.

Some joined local groups in pre-organised routes, others braved the dark and cold on their own, each with the same goal – to walk towards the dawn to help break the stigma around suicide and mental health.

The “Darkness Into Light” challenge has been going since 2009 and now convenes over 150,000 people in countless countries, helping to raise over €36 million ($40 million USD) for Pieta, a foundation which supports and serves those impacted by self-harm and suicide.

The message is simple – that there will always be a dawn, despite times when all you can see is the dark.

And although we were separated by physical distance, our team felt so together that morning as we supported this remarkable cause. Whether it was Killiney, Hawaii, Vancouver, Sandymount or Boston, we we collectively experienced such a powerful moment. It was a dawn we won’t forget easily.

And we’re already looking forward to next year.