May 10, 2023 / CPOVs

Intern Insights: Spring Semester at CP

At the end of each semester, we ask our interns to reflect on their experiences and learnings at CP. As they begin to wrap up their time here, our fantastic spring interns have left us with so many valuable insights. From networking with coworkers to getting a firsthand look at the industry, and mastering valuable time management skills, they’ve truly been crushing it. Here’s what our interns had to say.

Jasmine Francoeur, PR & Social Media
Suffolk University

I quickly fell in love with CP after meeting my team and getting a tour of our amazing office. Right away, I noticed how CP has such a great sense of community and family that feels very unique from other companies I’ve worked for in the past. While I love the work that I do, which mixed my two passions of PR and social media, it was truly the people who got me excited to come in! 

During my internship, I made it my goal to meet as many CPers as I could. I arranged coffee chats with people from different departments and learned so much about what they do and their experiences. During these chats, I realized how fascinating every department is and how they must all work together to help bring our clients success. It was truly eye-opening!

This internship has pushed me to grow in innumerable ways! It has further developed my critical and strategic thinking skills. I’ve also learned so much about the industry and the people behind it as well as how to use the latest technologies to help aid in our influencer searches. 

Hayes Hollar, People & Operations
Boston University

As someone who loves the idea of “go-go-go” in a professional and business sense and is a busybody to the core, I’ve always been attracted to the advertising industry. CP stood out to me because it’s a global company that touches so many different industries. Also, CP’s emphasis on the human experience, placing that at the core of its values as a company, makes it extremely attractive. With the hustle and bustle of advertising, putting people first is not always the case. 

The first thing I noticed at CP was how friendly and genuine everyone was, before even really getting to know them. This is the first time I’ve ever had an internship experience where a company prioritizes being in the office. I think that was extremely intimidating but I was immediately comforted by the warmth and friendliness of all of the people here. It’s unique to see a work culture where all the employees seem to be good friends rather than just friendly coworkers. I approached the internship and the people I met throughout it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun. 

CP has given me a new perspective on the industry. There is always a way to strike a balance between the chaos of advertising and the well-being of the employees, who keep the company running, which is of the utmost importance. 

Nick Maumus, Media
Bentley University

From my initial conversations with CPers, I knew that this agency aligned strongly with my own personal values. For that reason, this internship was the best part of every day for my last semester of college. On top of having great interactions with coworkers, I worked on a variety of client and internal CP projects.

My greatest learning experience, however, was being given a glimpse into the real world. I had to quickly learn how to juggle a full course load of both undergraduate and graduate classes and the Bentley Honors program, on top of this internship. On a good day, my 90-minute commute to the office spanned driving, walking, and taking the subway. I would lose 6 hours each week on my commute alone, which challenged me to learn the valuable skill of time management. 

I worked hard every day to maximize my time and be as productive as possible, while also managing stress. I used every opportunity to learn, including my commute to the office. One piece of advice that I received from Steve Connelly was to put my phone down on the subway and just watch people because you can learn so much from simply observing. By doing this, I learned a great deal about peoples’ habits, behaviors, group interactions, and stressors. It was a very interesting exercise that I’ll continue to practice moving forward.

Charlie Kennedy, Analytics
Merrimack College

What struck me about CP is just how friendly and understanding everyone is. People know how to act with each other in a professional, fun environment, whether that be providing constructive criticism or celebrating a job well done. 

My internship taught me just how complex and multifaceted the advertising industry is. While working on the analytics team, I was fortunate to be exposed to various departments within the agency, particularly the media team. The role that they play in ensuring that ads reach the intended audience is intriguing to me. Media is definitely another avenue that I’d love to explore more. Additionally, I find the whole process of creating an ad to be quite interesting – from copywriting and art direction through production, it is truly amazing how so many people play a part in the process. 

While at CP, I had so many opportunities to learn. The greatest learning experience I have had, however, is learning to use Google Analytics in an efficient manner with actual clients. I also had the privilege of being able to meet and work alongside CPers from our Dublin office.