April 17, 2023 / News

Down To Business: Advertising Industry Review

Managing Director of CP Dublin, Vaunnie McDermott, was recently joined by other industry experts on Bobby Kerr’s Down To Business podcast. In this episode, Vaunnie shares her insight into all things advertising. From what goes into making a great ad to the creative process behind it, Vaunnie explains that creative teams are now challenged more than ever. Consumer attention spans are at an all-time low and creatives have only two seconds to cut through the noise and catch their eye.

Vaunnie also stresses how important it is to invest in your brand, even when times are tough. Advertising is an investment, she shares, not a cost. Investing in the long term will always pay off and brands will see greater success than those who only plan for short-term results. 

There’s so much more to come in the next few years as the industry continues to become more complex. New roles, lower attention spans, and the rise of AI will challenge marketers like never before. 

Have a listen to the full episode here.