March 17, 2023 / News

PM360: Lessons From the Less-Regulated Side—What Pharma Can Learn From CPG Marketers

In an interview with PM360, CP’s Chief Creative Officer, Alyssa Toro, shares the lessons that pharma can learn from CPG marketing. Her big takeaway? Embrace human truths instead of medical expertise.

Using her experience with our client, Gorton’s Seafood, Alyssa shows the power – and results – of speaking to people like human beings.

When we began working with Gorton’s, we found that consumers were intimidated to cook seafood. Armed with this knowledge, we built a creative platform around trust. But we couldn’t just tell consumers to trust us, we had to earn it. Enter Poseidon, MerBros, and a Castaway. These fictional characters who know the sea best became the mouthpiece for the healthful benefits of seafood.

By eliminating the barriers and providing information on the benefits of the product through empathy, authenticity, and some fun, consumers were more willing to make the decision to purchase. It gave the brand an 11.6% sales lift.

Alyssa stresses: if we can spend more time talking to people like human beings, we’ll be far more successful in developing work that’s not only differentiating but drives results.

Check out Alyssa’s full interview with PM360.