July 20, 2022 / News

The V Foundation for Cancer Research Taps Connelly Partners

We have been selected, along with our friends at ZOO Digital, by the V Foundation for Cancer Research to redesign and launch their signature website.

The V Foundation’s mission is to fund game-changing research and all-star scientists to accelerate victory over cancer and save lives. Founded in 1993 by ESPN and legendary coach Jim Valvano, the V Foundation has aggressive growth goals with a target of tripling its fundraising over the next 10 years, increasing the amount it grants to bold, game-changing cancer research. Because of an endowment, 100% of direct donations to the V Foundation go to funding research grants. A more intuitive and functional website and integrated digital strategy are important elements needed to grow relationships with existing donors, reach new audiences, and ultimately reach this goal.

“The V Foundation believes the fight against cancer is a winnable one, and the only way towards advancements over this disease is through research. It is our mission and passion to support integral research efforts, tell stories of victory over cancer, and use our unique and powerful platform within the sports world to invite more people to contribute in a meaningful way,” said Jonathan Karron, V Foundation Chief Marketing Officer. “Our website is critical to our efforts, and the collective Connelly team impressed us with their understanding of our mission, our digital needs and requisite skill sets. We are so excited to see the final product launch later this year.” 

“This is an incredibly important opportunity to make a difference in the world by helping the V Foundation amplify its mission, and we at Connelly Partners are dedicated to helping the lives of those in need whenever we can,” said Steve Connelly. “I remember watching Jimmy V’s speech in real time almost 30 years ago. It made me tear up then and still does to this day. Every person on this planet should watch that speech.” 

Months after his signature speech at The ESPYS, Coach Valvano passed away from cancer. But his now famous line “Don’t Give Up . . . Don’t Ever Give Up!”® and his plea for all of us to laugh, cry and think every day has connected with people for the past 29 years. We will maintain that feeling throughout the rebuild process, ensuring the V Foundation stays true to its roots while evolving through more visual and impactful storytelling, an improved mobile-first user experience, and strong SEO infrastructure and strategy.

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