June 27, 2023 / Thought Leadership

A DigiMarCon Recap: Elevate Your Media Strategy by Keeping Advertising Human

Jared Smith, Assistant Media Planner

young men and women smiling togetherAdvertising is undoubtedly a fast-moving, always-adapting industry that keeps you on your toes. Staying up to date with the latest trends is extremely important to ensure you aren’t left in the dust. That’s why professionals from across the digital marketing, media, and advertising industries gather each year for DigiMarCon, a conference that serves as an opportunity to learn from and network with industry leaders.

This year, I attended the conference with the Connelly Partners Media team. What made this conference even more special was that we were supporting fellow teammate and Associate Media Director, Erin Mullaney, who was speaking at the conference. Erin shared her wisdom with the Boston advertising scene during her session, “Elevate Your Media Strategy by Keeping Advertising Human.” 

As an agency built on being “Defiantly Human,” Erin spoke about what CP stands for and what the media team at CP is always striving to achieve. We are constantly digging deeper and assessing the incrementality that is being driven by our campaigns. After all, attributable results do not always tell the full story. Often it takes looking past the primary KPIs, and considering how media spend actually impacts the behavior of our audience. Erin alluded to a variety of ways to measure incrementality, ranging from test & learns to data science models and brand lift studies. All of these methods treat the exposed audience as a physical, decision-making, human being. They dive past primary KPIs and cluttered data, and into what actually tips the scale for a campaign. 

Erin provided many great examples including a mock campaign for Visit Las Vegas. Imagine that there’s an “old campaign” and a “new campaign” and the primary KPI is cost per visitor. The old creative is converting visitors at a much lower cost than the new creative, so just by looking at the primary KPI, it would make sense to shut off the new creative version and solely run the old one. However, by looking further into each post, it is clear that the new creative is generating an exponentially greater amount of comments and shares. These metrics, despite not being primary KPIs, are both examples of how the different campaigns are resonating with our audience. With these human actions in mind, we can predict that the new creative version will eventually perform better in terms of cost per visitor, as some of the people commenting and sharing the post will convert down the line. This example, albeit very simplified, shows how overlooked metrics can be extremely important in analyzing a campaign. 

In addition to Erin’s session, I enjoyed learning about content strategy with Tom Shapiro of Stratabeat. This session focused mainly on how to win with content and capitalize on creativity. Mr. Shapiro brought up a very thought-provoking point; most jobs do not give people enough opportunity to tap into their creative potential. Thinking creatively is something that is necessary for more than just the creative or content strategy teams at an advertising agency. It is something that should be done across all teams, a point that tied directly into Erin’s presentation. In media strategy, thinking past primary KPIs and tying pieces of the larger puzzle together is a form of creativity. This process of thinking is fluid and ever-changing, and tapping into creativity while working in media allows our entire team to be the best it can be. 

Having the opportunity to attend a conference like DigiMarCon, and learn each day from knowledgeable experts, has allowed me to grow in an industry that I am passionate about. Specifically, Erin’s presentation taught me valuable lessons about always looking past the surface and continuing to apply the Defiantly Human thought process in what we do here at CP for our clients.