October 30, 2023 / Thought Leadership

Celebrating Connections and Female Empowerment

Jane Amendolara, Assistant PR, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager

As a young female professional, I have quickly learned the importance of building relationships, fostering connections, and seeking mentorship. While essential, this can also be a daunting experience.

Various studies have shown that in comparison to their male counterparts, women struggle in networking environments. It comes down to the fact that women and men simply network differently. While men tend to focus on short-term needs, women succeed by building more long-term, personal relationships and friendships. Women often form connections through people they already know and develop smaller, tighter-knit networks that are built on trust. It’s been shown that women actually wind up in a worse position when they attempt to network like men with hopes of getting ahead. Not because they aren’t qualified or lack the necessary skills, but because they are missing the crucial need for a close inner circle of women. That female connection helps to provide critical information on job opportunities and challenges, and ultimately serves a deeper purpose than just a “way in.”

woman speaking to a circle of women at an eventIn a world where making meaningful connections in professional settings can be difficult, I feel extremely grateful that Connelly Partners recognizes this and helps provide me and my female colleagues with the warmth, support, and empowerment needed to successfully network. 

Last month, Connelly Partners hosted its first Empowering Women Networking Event. We were joined by nearly 30 females from across a wide range of ages and industries, including former clients, prospective clients, friends, and job seekers. Together, we curated the welcoming environment that women need to build new relationships, both professionally and personally. 

women talking in a circleNot only was I given the privilege of being surrounded by a room full of driven females from all different backgrounds, but this became an opportunity for us to get to know one another in a safe space for authentic connection. Whether it was talking business or simply forming friendships, the women in attendance were eager to share their experiences, advice, insights, and wisdom. It was uplifting to see genuine connections forming rather than just mere business transactions. 

Not to mention, how else would I have learned that there is in fact a correct way to wear a nametag? 

This event wasn’t just about networking. It was about creating an inclusive space for empowerment and served as a reminder that the support of like-minded individuals is invaluable. As I continue my career, I’m eager to witness the impact of Connelly Partners’ continued initiative for women and their networks…and I feel grateful to be a part of the journey.

four women posing for a picture in an office

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