December 21, 2023 / Thought Leadership

Mood & Mindset Report December 2023

At CP, we are always asking “why?” We’re fascinated and ever curious about customer mood and mindset. Here’s a few observations and constructive fodder for discussion from our anthropology and strategic planning teams from this past quarter.

1. Israel-Hamas War’s Crossfire
The effects of taking a political stand.

woman holding israel and usa flags in the streetObservation: Businesses across the corporate world are seeking to find a balance in their responses to the war that don’t offend users, partners and their own employees. Many corporate leaders are feeling the pressure to make public statements. The COO of the software company Asana, for example, was guided by a major principle: “What problem are we trying to solve?” 

What brands can do: Brands should act cautiously, aligning their responses with their core values. It’s crucial to assess the relevance and implications of their position on the war, aiming to foster respect for diverse viewpoints.

Sources: The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal

2. Identity 180°
The power of complete reversal.

Snoop Dogg smoking against a dark backgroundObservation: Snoop Dogg broke the internet with his news: “I’ve decided to give up smoke.” Days later he revealed it was a stunt for Solo Stove, a company that makes smokeless fire pits. The out-of-category jump made the impact all the more unexpected. By reversing a core identity, Solo Stove created shock value and instability. When the campaign is revealed, they simultaneously soothe anxieties and reassert the Snoop brand.

What brands can do: Embrace what’s unexpected. Take a core element and invert it to see what you could or couldn’t be without it. Seeing the absence of something can bring about a new perspective.

Sources: AdAge & LA Magazine

3. Specialized AI
Racing to rule the changing space.

hands typing on a computerObservation: The future of AI will change the landscape from general to hyper-specialized, as OpenAI’s recent support for custom ChatGPTs proves. Companies will create AI tools and assistance for specific roles and industries like consumer goods, financial services, insurance and pharmaceuticals. We’re already seeing real-world examples of specific professions using generative AI for law and education.

What brands can do: Assign the right early adopter staff, giving them specific business topics and/or challenges to explore & demo. Prioritize what to implement in realistic timeframes.

Sources: LinkedIn, Forbes, CNN & The Messenger

4. ‘Authentic’ Named Word of the Year
Experiencing a ‘crisis of authenticity.’

dictionary page opened to the word "authentic"Observation: In an era increasingly dominated by deepfakes and post-truth narratives, people grapple with distinguishing the real from the artificial, and the value of authenticity seems to have heightened. 

This year’s focus on artificial intelligence, highlighted by significant events involving OpenAI and its ChatGPT, adds another layer to the discourse on authenticity.

What brands can do: Focus on transparent communication, ensuring that marketing messages and brand narratives are rooted in truth and leveraging storytelling techniques to convey their values and mission.

Sources: Time & Merriam-Webster

All good things expire. Look out for more reports coming soon.