June 16, 2022 / News

Connelly Partners’ Wins at Hatch Awards

Nora Jerrett, Junior Copywriter

2022 Hatch Awards

I went to my very first Hatch Awards this week, and it did not disappoint. Hosted by The Ad Club, the Hatch Awards welcome professionals from across New England’s marketing industry to educate, network, and celebrate exceptional work.

During the mile walk from Connelly Partners to the Artists for Humanity venue, I recalled decadent stories from college professors and coworkers about this event. Advertising industry big fish and interns connecting, dominating the dance floor, and receiving recognition all in one night? Let’s just say, as I was crossing the bridge into South Boston, I was excited! As I entered the venue, I was met with a wall of smiling welcomers who quickly ushered my coworkers and I to the main socializing area, where vibrant light fixtures accentuated the modern art displays next to digitally displayed, winning ads. Speaking of awards, the Connelly Partners team achieved some impressive wins!

Titleist is not only the #1 golf ball, it was also our top winner. Our TV spots and print ad earned Silver in the Brands Amplified and Film categories plus three Merit awards in the Film and Print Categories— proving that when you choose to be a winner, you become one.

Our ocean-health campaign in collaboration with sleep.com for Mattress Firm won Bronze in the Work For Good Category. With the context of disposable masks taking 450 years to decompose in the ocean, this campaign urges everyone to do our part and dispose of them properly— so we can all sleep better!

Our TV spot for Kayem won a Merit award in the Film Category, in which we introduced the Kayem Butcher who is finally ready to let the world in on his delicious Kayem Bacon after being the go-to barbecue brand for over 100 years.

And our TV spot for Uno Pizzeria & Grill took home Bronze in the Film Category for a relatable post-pandemic campaign about the simple pleasures we had all been missing.

All in all, the Hatch Awards were exactly what I was expecting while also being a total surprise. Somehow, despite all my anticipation, it hadn’t occurred to me that I’d be with the winners. Between Connelly’s own to the other first timers I met in the bathroom line, the night took a whimsical turn. Watching my peers excitedly interrupt conversations to point out their winning ads like kids at a science museum was all the encouragement this junior copywriter needed to understand what makes the ad world is so fun! From the electric violin performances to the cocktail of different perfumes and mac and cheese bar, the wall-sized screen displaying both the winners and the Celtics game (because Hatch gets it) to the multitude of people from Boston’s top creative agencies, this was a five-senses experience that I’ll never forget.

Congratulations to all the winners this year.

Image provided by The Ad Club.