July 10, 2023 / Thought Leadership

Five Things to Know About Threads Before You Create an Account

Alyssa Stevens, Director of Social Media
Will Maslach, Paid Social Manager

Beyond the name, Threads, the new social platform developed by Instagram, has us thinking that social media is going to evolve just like fashion and revisit what was previously en vogue. We started with text-based platforms and then moved on to photos, long-form videos, disappearing photos, short-form videos, audio-only content, and then to a combination of everything. And now we’ve returned to text-based sharing on social media.

So, this begs the obvious question, is it time to break out the bell-bottom jeans?!

Since its launch on July 5, Threads has quickly gained popularity, amassing over 100 million downloads worldwide in less than a week. Through its seamless integration with Instagram, it offers users a fresh way to connect and share content, while also discovering new creators who share similar interests. With its strong launch, Threads promises exciting possibilities for brands and creators, but before you create an account and tap into the potential of the Threads community, here are five important things you should know…

You’ll Have a Built-in Social Following

One of the standout features of Threads is its integration with Instagram. By linking your Instagram account to create your Threads account, you can automatically extend your social following to the new platform. The app provides an option to follow the same users you do on Instagram, helping you to create an instant audience. But what if the user or brand you want to follow hasn’t made an account yet? Fear not! If you select them as an account to follow, it will automatically do so as soon as they decide to join the community. Threads also recommends creators for users to follow, blending content from followed users and recommended creators into the feed. Finally, to highlight the connection between Instagram and Threads, a badge can be displayed on your Instagram page to alert your followers that you are on the new app. This unique feature helps jumpstart your Threads journey by leveraging your existing Instagram audience.

Don’t Expect Stellar Search Functionality 

Currently, the search function on Threads is limited to finding other users. You can search for specific usernames, but the app does not support hashtag or topic searches at present. This limitation restricts the app’s functionality beyond scrolling the feed and looking up users. However, we anticipate that Instagram will expand the search capabilities of Threads as it gains traction and continues to evolve. 

You Can Keep Your Username and the Coveted Blue Check Mark

If you already have an established presence on Instagram, you’re in luck! Your username and verification status, including the oh-so-essential blue checkmark, will carry over to your Threads account. This means that you can maintain your online identity and credibility seamlessly when transitioning to Threads. It’s a great way to retain your existing audience and continue building upon your online clout.

There’s No Deleting Threads Without Deleting Instagram

Should you decide that Threads isn’t the right fit for you and want to delete your account, there’s a catch. Unfortunately, you cannot delete your Threads account without also deleting your Instagram account. This move from Mark Zuckerberg is both sneaky and strategic, as it ensures the retention of the initial user base of Instagram while encouraging users to stay within the broader ecosystem.

No Word on Advertising Capabilities…Yet

As advertisers, on a new platform launch, we are chomping at the bit to start ads. While we haven’t heard anything from Meta HQ about ads integration or processes, the most likely path is for Meta to integrate Threads ad placements into Meta Business Manager. This would allow a seamless transition into advertisements on Threads for advertisers currently running on Facebook and Instagram by just selecting an additional placement. However, Meta may have other plans in store for ads on Threads – we’ll just have to wait and see…

As you consider joining the Threads community, understanding these key aspects of the app will help you make an informed decision. With its notable early success and adoption from major brands and news networks, Threads presents an intriguing opportunity to connect with others and share your content. We’ll be keeping an eye on future updates as Instagram continues to refine the app’s functionality and expand its capabilities. 

In the meantime, you can catch us thrifting those retro threads waiting for them to come back in style…