February 13, 2023 / News

The Boston Globe: From Jen and Ben to M&M’S, Here’s the Super Bowl Ad Breakdown

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs went head-to-head at the biggest football game of the year on Sunday – the Super Bowl. But for many viewers, the real action was happening between the plays.

Watching the Super Bowl’s over-the-top, star-studded commercials is nearly as time-honored a tradition as watching the game itself. The coveted spots typically air to upward of 100 million viewers, and this year, companies shelled out $6 to $7 million to broadcast their 30-second spectacles.

CP’s chief creative officer, Alyssa Toro shared her thoughts with The Boston Globe on what makes a great Super Bowl spot. She shares that Super Bowl ads are “typically very loud, very gregarious. People want to be entertained obviously, they’re very heavy on celebrities. But as somebody who’s in the industry, I’m always looking for the ones that are smart and a little quieter.”

With that in mind, The Boston Globe broke down the trends that stood out this year and highlighted some of the standouts. 

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