December 12, 2022 / CPOVs

Reflecting on a Semester at CP

CP’s 2022 Fall Interns  

Catching a glimpse into the world of advertising proved to be an exciting and challenging experience for all eight of CP’s fall interns. From 3D modeling to Influencer campaigns, our interns experienced all CP has to offer. Before we send them off for winter break, we asked some hard-hitting (and some not-so-hard-hitting) questions about their time at CP. 

Andrew Pinard, Finance 
Bridgewater State University

Right off the bat, CP was one of the coolest offices I’d ever been in. The employees and general atmosphere of the company was my favorite part, making me excited to go to work everyday.

Although I worked in finance, I was able to shadow the production team for a shoot in Boston. It was great to experience advertising from another department and sparked my curiosity about what else the advertising industry has to offer. I was surprised at how many clients CP has for being relatively smaller compared to other ad agencies.

Jane Amendolara, PR & Social Media
Boston University 

I knew right off the bat that CP was special! I loved the unique, homey atmosphere at the office. Everyone was professional, yet friendly and approachable. It especially helps that I have such an amazing team to work with. 

The fast-paced nature of the advertising world is probably one of the biggest things that has surprised me, but it keeps things exciting and I have never been bored! My most memorable experience was singing karaoke in front of everyone at CP’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Jared Smith, Media 
Bentley University 

Something about the advertising world that surprised me was just how fast everything moves. Since joining CP in the summer, I had a lot more experience and was more involved than ever before, so I got to see how fast projects and different campaigns move. 

The most interesting thing that I’ve done is learn about the planning process. Using the information and data at our disposal to make informed decisions is very interesting to me. I also loved working so closely on everything with the MFA! 

Jayde Zainc, New Business & CP Marketing 
Emmanuel College 

Going into my first internship, I had no idea how many moving parts there were to create a successful advertising campaign. It was so interesting to not only work with New Business but work with other departments to see how everyone’s work meshes together to create something great. I enjoyed listening to all the pitch opportunities coming into New Business, especially brands I recognized.

I was surprised at how inviting and comfortable the office space was. It makes the day go by a lot faster when there’s a ton of different places to sit and work, away from your desk. 

Lily Ward, Brand Leadership 
Trinity College

CP created a warm and welcoming environment that made the office a great place to work. I was surprised by the open layout. I’ve found that this helped cultivate a more laid-back environment which made it much easier to ask questions and learn more about the agency. 

The most exciting part of my internship was seeing my different research projects and analysis being shared with and appreciated by clients. I loved helping brainstorm the Quarterly Catch presentation for Gorton’s, which focused on drawing parallels between brand loyalty and religion. 

Sophie Jurion, Creative
Boston University 

I worked a lot with CP’s social content, like designing our CP Abroad social posts. I loved using the new branding for CP to create engaging content for our social platforms. Not only did I love the work environment, but everyone was so nice and helpful! You couldn’t go anywhere without being greeted by smiling faces.  

I was surprised by the level of communication needed to stay on top of time management, revision, feedback, and staying on the same page on a project. My biggest takeaway is the importance of communication for everything to run smoothly. 

Toni Baraga, Creative
Boston University 

Being in such an amazing environment here at CP encourages you to be your best self. When you’re not having a good day, your coworkers (and the cold brew!) are there to help pick you back up.

The one aspect of CP that sticks out to me is the scope of ideas that are produced during the concepting stage. I loved how big, blue-sky ideas were encouraged rather than stifled. I learned to not put a lid on yourself before you even start and to let the ideas flow. The practical considerations will come later.

Travis Earp, Creative 
Purdue University 

CP instantly felt like a place I wanted to be. I loved the company atmosphere and energy, it comes from every employee naturally, making the office such a fun place to work. I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to work at such an amazing place. 

Coming from an industrial design background, I didn’t realize how involved ad agencies are with their clients. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes compared to what people see. I look at every commercial and billboard differently now.