August 16, 2022 / CPOVs

Reflecting on a Summer at CP

CP’s 2022 Summer Interns

This summer, we had a group of rockstar interns at CP. From helping launch a new global agency program to assisting with influencer campaigns and much more, these five new CPers got a taste of the fast-moving world of advertising. Before they head back to school, we asked them a few questions to reflect on their time here. Read all about their experiences below.

Kendall Gilbert, Analytics
Elon University

One thing that continues to surprise me about Connelly Partners is the amazing collaboration that goes on between all departments. I was given the opportunity to meet with many different people and was amazed at how everything connects and comes together to bring Connelly Partners success. I am extremely grateful the CP employees were kind enough with their busy schedules to spend time with me and teach me about their specific roles within the agency.

I think that the most exciting thing about the industry is new business. I was able to see a side of advertising that I never really knew or thought about. I enjoyed seeing the dedication and passion CP employees put into winning clients.  

Rachel Schultz, Brand Leadership
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

My favorite project that I worked on was the launch of CP Abroad. It was fun to be behind the scenes of a new endeavor and help figure out how CP could use an experience like this to benefit the employees and all the offices as a whole.

What excites me the most about the world of advertising is how it is constantly moving and changing. As someone who prefers to work on many different things and switch up the tasks I have, I appreciate how advertising allows me the opportunity to try various things and see what I like the best. Being in the CP office all summer, I have been exposed to the intricacies of different departments, which makes me excited to eventually be able to live and learn through them in my career. 

Jared Smith, Media
Bentley University

During my internship, I was very surprised at how the interns are included in everything. I was allowed to see what life at CP is really like by being involved in all meetings, events, and activities.

The top highlight of my internship was playing on the softball team. I had such a great time getting to know so many CPers, and doing this helped me to truly understand the culture of the company.

I also loved seeing all of the dogs in the office on Waggin’ Wednesdays. This was the best on national hot dog day when the dogs wore the hot dog bandana’s and played with the hot dog toys.

Jane Amendolara, PR & Social Media
Boston University 

I’ve learned more than I ever could’ve hoped – how to build media lists, how to run an influencer campaign from start to finish, community management skills, planning social calendars, influencer scouting, the list goes on! 

My fellow teammates have been nothing but supportive and helpful to me since I started at CP last January. They’re all so smart and creative, and make coming to work fun. I couldn’t think of a better group of people to learn from!

I have loved running influencer campaigns for our clients Gorton’s, Kayem and al fresco. Understanding the behind the scenes and watching campaigns come to life from start to finish has been such an awesome learning experience. Something that excites me most about the world of advertising is the ability for me to use my creativity and experience the reward of my work helping others.

Gideon Baeza, Production
Emerson College

During my time at CP, I learned that it takes hard work and dedication to actualize any idea or project. Things don’t happen with a snap of a finger.

I was given the opportunity to implement my own ideas and concepts into the company. It was amazing to be respected as a creative thinker and to have the chance to collaborate with my other employees was a very immersive and involved experience.

The most exciting element of advertising is that what’s considered good, is always changing. There is never a right way to promote anything and it takes creative thinkers to expand the capabilities of advertising.