April 27, 2023 / News

MM+M: 5 Fresh Takes on First-Person Storytelling

Tank Worldwide’s Jasmine Papillon-Smith examines first-person storytelling through four campaigns, including our V Foundation “Halftime” TV spot, proving this storytelling motif can go so much deeper than generic patient testimonials:

“Maybe I cheated here. Maybe the first lines are so powerful, I got carried away and characterized it as first-person when it’s not strictly that. Still: “I’m not here to fire you up.” Arena lights pound as they flick in rapid succession; I get chills. “If you’re not already fired up, you shouldn’t be in this room.” It’s a solid opening to a spot that delivers a classic halftime speech on behalf of the V Foundation for Cancer Research. It’s a nod to founder and coach Jim Valvano’s ESPYs speech as well as a straight, determined look into a real future, one where cancer research today means a cure tomorrow. Legendary coach meets inspiring speech: This spot slides seamlessly into March Madness, celebrates the Foundation’s 30th anniversary and makes us all believe (while pulling out our wallets to donate).”

Read the full article here.

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