December 14, 2022 / Thought Leadership

CP’s Predictions for 2023

CP’s Global Leadership Team

Looking towards 2023, CP’s leadership team shared their predictions below on what brands can expect to see in the upcoming year. From TikTok to Google Analytics and beyond, see what’s in store… 

Shift in Attitude Towards Social Media Usage

We’ll see a shift to more interest-focused rather than social-focused social media usage. With the mass adoption of TikTok and the amount of time that people spend on the app, we’re seeing a major shift in how people are utilizing social media. Users head to TikTok to view and engage with content around their interests — which is typically not created by people that they actually know in real life. Creator content, which the “For You Page” prioritizes based on user behavior on the app, allows for connection around common interests, forming online communities around those topics. With users spending upwards of 95 minutes a day on TikTok, we will begin to watch more brands join the movement of curating interest-based content to ensure that they are better integrated into the future of social media. We’ll also see creators narrow in on more specific niches for their own content as a way to reach audiences who align with their subject matter. 

Data Visualization Shifts From Being Production-Focused to Consumption-Focused 

Where data exists, it can always be turned into colorful charts, graphs, and diagrams. That makes it visually interesting. To be sure, the many tools and platforms used in this space are arming analysts with an endless stream of new options for producing visualizations that are more dynamic, mobile-friendly, shareable, etc. But the real shift in 2023 will be toward making visualizations more user-centered and story-based as meaning is increasingly prioritized over metrics.

The Great Search Engine Shake-up

For more than a decade, Google has enjoyed a dominant position as the default engine for the masses. That’s about to change. Gen Z’ers already conduct more than 40% of their search queries on TikTok and other alternate platforms. Millennials are right behind them. Both generational audiences cite less sponsored results and all-video results that TikTok and other social platforms provide as the lure. In 2023, we predict to see older generations begin a similar and significant shift in search engine default behavior. We believe Google’s search engine dominance (accounting for well north 50% of all search queries online) will be a thing of the past within 24 months.  

Peak Internet Will Cause a More Holistic Approach for Digital Attention

2023 will be the year of peak internet. Next year, we estimate global daily online usage will plateau at 6 hours 40 minutes after the COVID-induced high of 6 hours 56 minutes in 2021. With global digital media spend increasing by 12% in 2023, brands and businesses will be competing fiercely for audience attention online. 

To grab people’s attention, many brands will take a more holistic and complete approach to their digital strategy adding new channels, focusing on their user experience and identifying the real value they can provide through content. Specifically, this means even greater interactivity, an increasingly subliminal approach to infusing a brand in all communications, continuing data visualisation and not to forget good old email marketing, which is overlooked but still plays a key role. From a pure user experience point of view, we predict brands will realise that improving customer experience will bring new sales, that there’ll be an even greater holistic approach to CX while the “always above the fold” approach to website building will be no longer. 

Video Content Is King 

The need for content will not change, and having a mix will be more important than ever. There will be a greater need for more niche pieces of content that fall under a brand’s mix including product videos, how-to’s and info-torials. How does a product work? Quick cooking instructions? How to open an account Consumers aren’t looking for the PDF with the instructions, they are looking for a step-by-step walkthrough. Is it big brand storytelling, maybe not, but it is literally how people are using your client’s products.  

Shopper Growth – and Expansion

The massive e-comm shift post-COVID resulted in significant budget shifts to the channel, and shows no signs of stopping. Retail media’s unique value of being able to close the attribution loop will continue to become more valuable as companies brace for more economic volatility in 2023. Look for increased players in the space as more retailers expand and monetize the value of their consumer connections.

This Is the Year That AI Will Help Everyone Look Perfect – And That Might Not Be So Perfect

As user interfaces become more accommodating to most of our nonprofessional abilities – our collective photo-editing skills will rise. Our phone lenses allow high-quality images, but now AI editing apps are giving novice shooters a bridge to making their photos and the people in them look model-quality.  

Lensa AI iOS app’s intuitive macOS design and capabilities bring a brand new way of making your selfies magazine-cover-ready. The ultrasimple app leaves conventional filters and photo editing tools in the dust. Their new magic avatar feature promises that your skin will look smooth, your eyes perfect, and your life as glamorous as your most hated pop-celeb or most adored super hero. Facing a widely debated concern that it promotes unrealistic standards of beauty, the app has still managed to attract 17 million downloads since the new feature was introduced. It’s hard not to see the irony that one of society’s ugliest qualities is being amplified by a beautification app.