April 22, 2024 / Thought Leadership

Mood & Mindset Report April 2024

At CP, we are always asking “why?” We’re fascinated and ever curious about customer mood and mindset. Here are a few observations and constructive fodder for discussion from our anthropology and strategic planning teams from this past quarter.

1. Country Music Reclamation
Redefining what country can be.

fans watching a country music concertObservation: Beyoncé’s newest single, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” has reached #1 on the country charts, making her the first Black woman to achieve this despite the genre’s origin within Black culture. 

Country has notoriously struggled to diversify its modern audience, but now millions of fans are embracing it with open arms. It’s an impressive show of devotion and open-mindedness from loyal Beyoncé listeners.

What brands can do: Cultivating trust with supporters creates more room for experimentation. Break from industry or product stereotypes to foster innovation and attract new, diverse consumers.

Sources: Axios, Glamour & The New York Times

2. Campaigns Struggle With the ‘Pull’ Realities of Social Media:
Recognizing the power in commenting.

phone opened to social media app showing searches Observation: President Biden recently launched a TikTok account to engage young voters. However, this content ‘push’ has been met with a bombardment of critical replies, i.e. unwanted ‘pull’ from pro-Palestinian protesters. This backlash is a “digital manifestation” of direct, explicit demands by the electorate that are communicated directly to the country’s highest office.

What brands can do: Take critical comments seriously and use them as a launching pad to engage in meaningful conversations and demonstrate a willingness to address issues rather than dismissing or ignoring them.

Sources: NBC News & CNN

3. The Lure of Hit Series, True Detective:
Complex character portrayals.

woman in gold suit posing at a film premiereObservation: “True Detective: Night Country” concluded its season with remarkable viewing success, averaging 12.7 million cross-platform viewers, surpassing the that of its three season predecessors.

This season’s most notable differences were the female-dominated cast and the symbolic exploration of trauma. The show strikingly balanced the bleak aspects with a touch of idealism and dark comedy.

What brands can do: Authenticity, imperfection and the creation of new norms continue to be the most coveted content online.

Sources: Variety, Deadline, IGN & Spokesman

4. Fashion as Viral Theater:
Breaking from norms via immersive online experiences.

group of models walking on a dark runwayObservation: John Galliano’s Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week went completely viral, even in digital circles outside of the fashion world. The immersive nature of Galliano’s shows, where the audience becomes active participants, smelling the air and sensing the fabric, added to the appeal. The clothes themselves were not just fashion items; they became tangible mementos of an extraordinary fashion experience.

What brands can do: Designing events that engage multiple senses and transport the audience into a unique world can profoundly enhance the brand’s appeal, spark virality and leave a lasting impression.

Sources: The New York Times & Another Magazine

5. Apartment Amenities as the New “Third Place:”
Re-prioritizing and fostering physical community in novel spaces.

lavish indoor hotel pool with hot tub and hammocks

Observation: The decline of “third places,” physical community spaces beyond home and work, has exacerbated the loneliness epidemic heightened during & still growing post-pandemic. To counteract this, third places are being created inside new apartment complex developments, combining workspaces, amenities, and social areas like golf simulators, saunas, and indoor pickleball courts – all designed to physically reunite humans.

What brands can do: Be proactive in addressing the loneliness epidemic how ever it makes the most sense for you brand…accessible opportunities & programs that reconnect people with the community is everyone’s responsibility.

Sources: The Independent, Building Design + Construction & Refinery29

All good things expire. Look out for more reports coming soon.