February 13, 2024 / Thought Leadership

Three Learnings From the Social Media Conference Dublin

Joshua Cook, Digital and Social Media Manager

Since arriving at Connelly Partners last Spring, I’ve been given many opportunities to grow within my role and build my knowledge of the advertising industry, all while helping my wider team in the process. The latest of these opportunities came at the Social Media Conference Dublin at Ireland’s national stadium – Croke Park. As an Englishman and huge sports fan living in Ireland, it’s always a pleasure to visit this iconic arena. 

I arrived early so I could wander the corridors awhile, absorbing the traditions and learning of the numerous events that have taken place on this hallowed turf. Gaelic Football and Hurling were a mystery to me this time last year. I’d encourage anyone to visit Croke Park because the games here are highly entertaining (and quite brutal!). But enough of that. There was a conference to attend…

The conference itinerary was comprised of three panels, each with five speakers. At the end of each session, there was a Q&A so attendees could pick their brains. The panels were diverse, showcasing many different aspects of the ever-changing world of social media and how it affects our lives, both professionally and personally.

Balance Proactivity and Reactivity

My pick of the first panel was Nick Mulligan, Senior Social Strategist at E4 and Channel 4 in London. Nick’s presentation highlighted the enormous scale that his role encompasses and how his team handles this every day. He discussed the importance of balancing advance planning with proactivity and reactivity to upcoming trends. As advertisers, we can all learn something from his message, as we often set inflexible, long-term goals. Social media allows us to help our clients be playful and current with market trends. It’s our job to harness this energy in the work we do for them.

Ensure Positive Team Dynamics

The keynote speaker of the second panel was Anu Hautalampi, Communications and Social Media Specialist at UN Women in New York. Anu focused on the importance of team dynamics and how to split your time when working from home: two issues we know all too well at Connelly Partners Dublin (and I’m sure folks across the Atlantic can probably say the same!). What struck me about Anu’s presentation was her passion for her team. You can make all the right noises in your working life, but if the team isn’t singing from the same hymn sheet, none of that matters. Thankfully we have a wonderful team dynamic here in Dublin, and it shines through in our work. 

Try New Things on Social Media

Graeme McQueen, DAA Media Relations Manager of Dublin Airport, was a speaker for the third panel. He spoke about dealing with real-time crises in the workplace, from COVID chaos to lies spread on ‘X’ about his brand. He shared that he spends his days putting out metaphorical fires in the name of Dublin Airport. Overall, Graeme’s message was: “You can’t be afraid to try new things on social media. Some things will land, others will fail. It’s all part of the learning process.” 

I had a memorable day at the Social Media Conference and learned far too much to cover in a single blog post. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and I’m excited to put my learnings into action.