Gorton’s Seafood


The project


Organic Social

Paid Social 

To tap into a younger audience on an emerging platform and showcase the brand's fun, approachable personality, we activated TikTok creators to capture unfiltered reactions from kids as they enjoyed Gorton’s iconic fish sticks. Through this content, we were able to demonstrate both the ease and taste appeal of the brand’s product offering. We extended the reach of our influencers’ short-form videos with paid support, helping the campaign garner over 5.5 million views and 575,000 engagements. Beyond social media metrics, we conducted a brand lift study around the campaign that measured brand familiarity, brand favorability, and consideration/purchase intent. The results were staggering, showing that this type of authentic, relatable content not only resonated with consumers but also generated a significant lift for Gorton’s as a brand.

What we did