July 5, 2022 / News

Connelly Partners Introduces Abroad Program

Yep. That’s right. We’re sending CP employees to live and work around the world – round trip flight, accommodations, coordinate visas and additional PTO included. 

While talk of flexibility, remote work and work from anywhere models are abuzz, we’re doing things a little differently. While we offer flexible work too, we’re also giving employees across all levels of experience the opportunity to live and work out of any one of our three global offices – Boston, Dublin, and Vancouver – for up to three months each year. 

Why you might ask? This new Abroad Program was built to support our culture of curiosity as employees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture, experience new places and people, and bring those new perspectives back to CP and its clients. Our employees even helped to shape this program. 

In an industry where long nights are mandated and work can be life consuming, we have prioritized having a life outside the office and the importance of work/life balance since opening our doors over 20 years ago. The pandemic was no different – while other agencies and companies caught up, we were an early adopter of the hybrid model, finding balance between remote work and in-person time to create connection and support collaboration and creativity. This new program builds on the flexibility gained from the past two years while further supporting in-person connection across our agency teams globally.

We’re excited to kick things off this summer. Be sure to follow along with our team’s abroad experiences on our blog and social channels.

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