November 1, 2022 / News

Digital Media Awards: CP Dublin and ZOO Digital Named as Finalists

Congratulations to CP Dublin and ZOO Digital, as they have received 16 nominations in this year’s Digital Media Awards, including Best Agency. These awards are the most prestigious digital awards in Ireland and celebrate creativity and innovation across a wide range of areas, including social networking, app development, marketing and advertising, and more. Here’s a look into the categories and some of the work we’ve been nominated for. 

The Abbey Theatre / ZOO (Best Collaborative Campaign, Best Use of Video, Best Creative)

The Abbey Theatre is the national theater of Ireland and this campaign centered around transforming their digital business. The first deliverable of the transformation was the redesign and development of the website. With the primary objective to sell more tickets online, the team at ZOO focused on key areas of the site to amplify simplification and focus, speed, deep content, and digital-first marketing. The site navigation was flattened down to the bare minimum, resulting in improved site speed, with the focus of selling tickets. Since the launch of the new site, ticket sales have increased exponentially. And, did we mention how great the site looks? _Featured Image

Give Better A Try / CP Dublin (Best Strategy, Best Creative, Best in Financial Services)

Irish insurance company,, was celebrating 20 years in business and wanted to disrupt the category loathed by consumers. The campaign was built around the human insight that people appreciate effort over results. We want to know people are trying their best at all times. Actor John Michael Higgins, with his dry humor and wit, was brought in to portray the fictional CEO of He and the company strive for better in some of the most unlikely of ways – like giving away a free pony with every policy! But it turns out, the world wasn’t ready for that idea… There are also some fun surprises for customers as the campaign brings back the original jingle, with a twist.

man standing next to expressway bus

MyExpressway / CP Dublin (Best Use of Video, Best Social Media Campaign)

The MyExpressway campaign promotes Expressway’s introduction of new ticketing technology which is the company’s biggest investment in a decade. These improvements will further enhance the customer experience, providing guaranteed seat reservations for all customers including those with travel passes, mobile ticketing and contact-free payments on board with Android and Apple Pay. The campaign uses comedian Darren Conway as an Expressway brand ambassador of sorts, showing his passion for the new improvements in all five videos in different humorous situations.


Jellyfish / CP Dublin (Best Creative)

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, this eye-opening campaign was created to bring awareness to the negative impact that discarded masks can have on our environment if they are not disposed of properly. A disposable mask takes 450 years to decompose in the ocean. Which means the masks designed to protect us are ironically killing the life engine we all depend on. Mattress Firm and wanted to remind everyone to protect the ocean and dispose of masks properly. That will help us all sleep better.

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