October 14, 2022 / News

Taking Care of Business: On the Air With Alyssa Stevens

CP’s Director of PR and Social Media, Alyssa Stevens, appeared in a segment of “Taking Care of Business” on Ireland’s Midlands 103 radio. During the show, hosted by Ronan Berry, Alyssa was called upon to share her expertise on influencer marketing, specifically in the financial space. Finfluencers, as they’ve come to be called, have gone viral among Gen Z’ers on social media platforms, specifically TikTok.

Young people have turned to social media due to their lack of trust in traditional mediums, coupled with their lack of education in the financial space. Here, they receive peer-to-peer guidance and advice on how to invest their money from influencers. Alyssa explains that when selecting influencer partners to work with, it’s important that financial institutions (and agencies like CP) pick content creators who are authentic and relatable and produce easy to digest content for their followers. By doing so, these institutions can take advantage of the major opportunities, such as awareness and reach, that these influencers bring. 

Listen to the full interview:


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